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What configuration is proposed for numerical analysis (simulation) under Linux (Ubuntu 64 bit) ?

Question asked by johnny_p on May 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2017 by johnny_p

Good morning,


I have need advice and support regarding to some configuration for an PC which will be use exclusively for simulations (numerical analysis) and will have installed only Linux software as operation system:

  • operating system: Linux (Ubuntu) 64 bit;
  • used entirely for simulations
  • As video graphic card I prefer some video card from NVidia (based on Cuda), but other video graphic card is OK, if I can found drivers for Linux;
  • As much is possible memory RAM on higher frequency (not a must);
  • Computer will running more time at the higher level of intensity, so cooling is important (not water or other extreme solution);
  • processor must have as many core is possible;
  • for the case of PC I don't have preference, but is enough to support 1 SSD harddisk and 3 normal HDD (for RAID 0);
  • network card to be performed, with higher performance in data transfer (in a way in which I can add the 2nd, 3rd, ... PC to run solution in parallel processing);


I waiting with very higher interest your feedback, remarks and suggestion based on my proposal.

Other proposal or configuration is welcome in condition in which will meet the scope: simulations (numerical analysis).


Thanks in advance to all community for support.

Kind regards.