Need Little Help with over clock

Discussion created by theminiondude on May 20, 2017
Latest reply on May 25, 2017 by kxuping

Hey guys, this is my specs


ryzen 1700

stock cooler

gtx 1070 8g

b350 tomahawk am4 motherboard

8GB corsair vengence 3200mhz ram

1tb wd black 6gb 7200rpm

600w seasonic psu

nzxt s360 case


i went to the bios and i saw that the cpu temp was 55 and my memory was running on 2133 or somthing like that. the problem is it ment to be running at 3200mhz. as you guys know ryzen works better with faster memory and so thats why i went for 8gb and bought high speed memory. the motherboard does support 3200mhz but at overclock. how do i use fix this issue.