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    Need Little Help with over clock


      Hey guys, this is my specs


      ryzen 1700

      stock cooler

      gtx 1070 8g

      b350 tomahawk am4 motherboard

      8GB corsair vengence 3200mhz ram

      1tb wd black 6gb 7200rpm

      600w seasonic psu

      nzxt s360 case


      i went to the bios and i saw that the cpu temp was 55 and my memory was running on 2133 or somthing like that. the problem is it ment to be running at 3200mhz. as you guys know ryzen works better with faster memory and so thats why i went for 8gb and bought high speed memory. the motherboard does support 3200mhz but at overclock. how do i use fix this issue.

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          There should be a way to enable the xmp on the memory but if now just enter the timings on the sticker manually. Make sure you flash to the latest bios and if all else fails use the memory try it feature  the bios screen

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            A few things come to mind first given previous issues you've posted in the past.


            First and foremost, as tymkoijn1 said, update to the latest stable BIOS from MSI for this specific motherboard. Then go with the BIOS defaults with no OC and test out your installation, just to make sure that everything runs stable and that there are no major lingering hardware issues. This means (re)installing your OS and running some stress tests (3DMark, Prime95 and the like). This will give you a baseline to work with and these will also let you know if you have other hardware/stability issues.


            Once everything checks out fine, start a gradual OC, in this case with your memory: From what I've seen on most LPX kits run at timings at 1.35V to get to the 3200MHz speeds (1600.xMHz rate) - IF you actually have the CMK8GX4M2B3200C16R, those timings should work.


            Again, before even thinking about OC'ing get your system stable and tested first.


            PS, the BIOS temp reading will currently read higher temps by default - 55 seems to be about average whether on air or water cooled, but keep an eye on it especially when running your stress tests. It may indicate too much (or too little, or improperly applied) thermal compound.

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              I would strongly advise against you overclocking.  You can easily kill your cpu & ram with the wrong voltages.

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                By default almost all DDR4 RAM runs at 2133 even those that are advertised as 3200. So to run your ram at the advertised speed you must overclock it selecting the XMP or AMD profile that has configuration values tested at the factory that enable it to run faster than 2133. Or manually move settings, only if you understand what you are doing.

                The MSI B350 motherboards with latest BIOS only hit 2933 Ram speed without problems. Maybe on a newer BIOS/AGESA they are able to run ram at 3200. So wait for a new BIOS.

                Im not responsible, etc.... I would choose the XMP/AMD profile on the BIOS tht set the Ram to 3200 and manually lower only the speed to 2933.and see if it boots.