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Screen 1 on a 4 screen setup using AMD 5570 graphics card is B/W

Question asked by rww on May 15, 2017
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I am working with an Intel / HP i-7 -2600 chip with 3.4 Mhz processing speed.  I have an Radeon 5570 graphics installed for a 4 monitor system.  12 MB ram on the board.  2TB HD.  When the system boots up all screens will show the windows 10 Pro graphics box in color, but when the startup menu engages the 5570 graphics card monitor 1 goes to black and white, monitors 2-4 remain in color.  Help  Randy


I should have added prior troubleshooting.  This is a brand new computer so we have made sure all the Windows 10 updates have been applied, and we have the latest graphics driver for this system that were updated about 2 weeks ago by AMD.  Additionally, I have 2 of the 4 screen DMI splitters for this system and the problems remains the same with either of the pigtails.  Finally, if I switch the monitors and change the order the problem moves to the monitor that is hooked up with the #1 feed.    Randy


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