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Another Crimson release, like every Crimson release this one has issues, Crossfire being one .

Question asked by sinster on May 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2017 by sinster

Like all my other post about Crimson drivers 17.5.1 aren't any different.   I can't use Wattman on my second card.


Describe your system:

  • 2 x MSI 390X running in crossfire (Well when it and if it works)
  • Mobo MSI Gaming 7
  • 8x2 16Gb G.Skills Ripjaws
  • Windows 10 64bit up to date - Clean install within the last two weeks.
  • Current driver 17.5.1 and had issues with Crimson 16.1.1 through 17.5.1 - How hard is it to support your products.
  • Antec 900W PSU
  • Two ASUS MX279 Monitors running 1920x1080


-You can reproduce it just by installing the drivers and trying to use wattman, cant' enable, or disable except in Battlefield 4 & GtAV.  Doesn't matter what Crimson version..

-One card always reaches 94° when I actually get CF working.  It doesn't matter if I switch cards PCIe slots.  I understand that one card will run hotter in CF, but one card runs at 72° and the other at 94° and starts to throttle back because of it. I expect a 10 - 12 degree difference, but not over 20.

-Relive Icon flashes and affects the playback, it's choppy and skips frames like it's turning on and off this issue with the latest two driver release 17.4.4 and 17.5.1.

-Escape from Tarkov doesn't use GPU fully or Crossfire.  During game play my GPU only hits 582 Mhz..

-Roll back to 17.4.3, 17.4.2, and 17.4.1 still does the above.  No improvement.  17.3.3 work better, but have CF profiles even though CF is enable the game isn't in CF.



I purchased a new case thinking it might be my case.  I went from a AzzA Solano 1000 to a Rosewill Thor V2. I even removed the HSF on both cards and applied Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut.


Both cards are fine tried individually.

Please don't suggest I only need to run a single card when Sr.VP of AMD spouts off about running dual 480's keeping up with a 1080..

The Odd Radeon RX 480 AOTS Benchmark Results - YouTube

Never had issues running in CF on my 4870HD, 5870, 6970, or 280x.  The issue all started when they released the Crimson drivers.