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Black Screen After applying minor OC to R9-270.

Question asked by potatoeengine on May 4, 2017
Latest reply on May 9, 2017 by potatoeengine

Until recently, i was running my GPU at 1000mhz and the memory at 1450 mhz. To get a few extra FPS out of the Witcher 3, i applied a minor OC of 50hz to the core clock and booted into the game only to be greeted by a strange black screen with some patterns on it. The PC was utterly unresponsive so i restarted it and got a black screen (no cursor) instead of the login screen. (A bit of back-lighting was visible on the display and after a few seconds it turned off and on again to display the same thing)

I then used DDU in safe mode to uninstall the GPU drivers (Crimson 17.4.4) as well as MSI Afterburner. The PC did boot normally and seemed to work fine on the windows display divers but as soon as i attempted to install the AMD ones (about half way through the process) i got the black screen again. Even if i booted into the desktop (Windows 10 Pro) and did nothing i would still get the black screen after about 10 mins.

As a side note, i have been experiencing frequent power cuts over the last few days so it could just be the PSU?

I am at a loss here. All i can really think of is re-flashing the BIOS but i am not sure how i can do that on this card. If it turns out this is the solution, any basic tips pertaining to the same would be appreciated

My Specs- FX-6300 @ 3.8 ghz

Asus M5A97 LE Kingston

Hyper-x memory 8GB

Sapphire R9-270 Dual-x 2GB

Corsair CX500

1TB storage+ Samsuing 750 evo boot drive (250GB)