Strange occurance with ASRock X370 Fatal1ty Professional Gaming.

Discussion created by ajlueke on Apr 26, 2017
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I'm having a bit of trouble finding the root of a problem with the board listed in the title.  I was transcoding a video last night, when I suddenly get the dreaded "black screen".  I reboot the computer manually, and suddenly my LAN port is stuck on identifying.  Both the Intel chipset port, and the Aquantia 5 Gbps port will not connect to the network.  Rebooting the router and cable modem didn't fix the issue, nor did setting the motherboard UEFI to defaults.


I typically run with a 4.0 GHz overclock at 1.325V.  My processor does not heat up significantly under load (>50C) in this configuration.  Interestingly, the built in WIFI adapter will connect to the network just fine, only the LAN ports are stuck permanently identifying.  I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver, as well as windows repair utility without success.  The LAN ports are visible in device manager, but they simply won't connect.  My SOC voltage was automatically set to 1.1V when I engaged the XMP profile on my RAM, not sure if that is an issue?  Again, resetting UEFI to defaults changed nothing.  Any ideas would be appreciated.