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rx 470+ryzen 1700+ab350 gaming 3. lastest bios and drivers. cpu policy performance mode. gta v(not maximum graphic setting) sometimes bad fps drop.

Question asked by yardroid on Apr 24, 2017

My configiration:
Ryzen 1700, MSI rx470 gaming x 4gb, gigabyte ab350 gaming 3, 2x4gb ddr4 2666 cl15.
I'm using lastest motherboard bios, lastest drivers.
I'm setting cpu power profile for high performanced (tried new released ryzen balanced profile)

Directx updated to lastest. I have no backgroud software causing low fps.

GTA V version ( build 877 online 1.36. its not lastest version but my friends playing better with lower spec pc than mine)


GTA V graphic detail not maxed. (all details maxed except MSAA, AMD CHS. I'm disabled what is bad for good fps)

When i'm used gta v benchmark. Result: min ~50 max ~85 fps. There is no problem for benchmark.
But when i played game fps drop down badly somewhere  of map. Sample: Trevor mission starting at trevors home. When i'm drive near lake somewhare of map bad fps drops starting. Sometimes fps drops showing at road with tree shadows. My problem is low minimum fps somewhare of map some condition.



I'm build full amd system for better cpu gpu compatibility and optimization.
I'm waiting for new amd gpu driver. Pls optimize GTA V functions for ryzen and rx gpu. Problem is bad min fps. There is no problem for gta v inside benchmark.



What can i do for better minimum fps in GTA V. GTA V recomended gpu spec radeon 7870. My rx 470 far better gpu. I'm not maximize all graphic detail. For now only fix for bad min fps is set graphics detail to default.  (I'm not maxed detail with all options)


I can not write english properly. Thanks for read.