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    Repeated BSOD on new a10 7890k


      Repeated BSOD on new a10 7890k dmp reads

      atikmdag.sysatikmdag.sys+1f02b40fffff808`05470000fffff808`077a40000x023340000x58ebbb384/10/2017 12:04:56 PM
      hal.dllhal.dll+4e490fffff801`36226000fffff801`3629b0000x000750000x57dac91a9/15/2016 11:15:22 AM
      ntoskrnl.exentoskrnl.exe+16af74fffff801`35a0e000fffff801`362260000x008180000x58d9f0973/28/2017 12:11:51 AM
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          replaced mb and cpu with off the shelf models yesterday. my os is windows 10, mb asrock a88m-g/3.1 ram ddr3 1600, new corsair cx600 psu, I have updated everything - os , bios, mb drivers, etc. Still BSOD during video playback. CPU and mb check show safe temp levels.


          ok, just had a total system lockup - no bsod - attaching zip from BSODINSPECTOR.exe


          Any ideas?



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              You say you have everything updated but you never mentioned if this is a fresh install of Win 10 or did you swap hardware and use an install already on your OS drive?  If no, then do a fresh install and try again.  If yes then run memtest86 for at least 6-8 hours.  RAM will often pass on a single test, even if bad, but extended testing will start showing the errors.