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No 3D acceleration after Creators Update

Question asked by sdancer on Apr 14, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2017 by sdancer

After the Win10 (64bit) Creators Update, and more specifically the subsequent security update KB4015583, games will often fail to start stating that "no 3d-accelerated display mode is available" (Elite: Dangerous), "no compatible graphics hardware was found. (0xE0070150)" (Overwatch), and other similar messages. Yesterday that eventually fixed itself after a bunch of troubleshooting attempts via Windows built-in diagnostic tools that all came up blank, and today the problem is back again.


This is with an RX480 (Asus) with both 17.4.1 and 17.4.2 drivers (tried fresh install, no dice), FX6300 CPU, 16GB RAM, mainboard is an Asus M5A99XPRO Evo 2.0, Eizo SX2461W via DVI, and a completely sufficient power supply.