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Ryzen balance power plan from AMD causing high idle - low load voltage? 1.4+v's

Question asked by middy on Apr 11, 2017
Latest reply on May 17, 2017 by buckrogers

Hi all! So I noticed since I installed the ryzen balance plan amd released that I have fairly high idle - light load voltage. For example just browsing the web, with only firefox opened for about 20 minutes, with a few tabs, no videos, my idle voltage average was 1.42v's with my 1800x. i was pretty spooked by this since 1.42v's seem way to excessive. especially considering amd stated to keep it around 1.35v's for 24/7 usage... i'm using a crosshair vi hero if that matters and has been tested with both stable 1002 and the current beta found on, 0081 that includes the new microcode update. my cpu settings are all on default as well. nothing manually changed. so auto voltage, auto bclk, and xfr (performance boost) is on as well. i also saw other users in the crosshair thread notice the high average voltage as well from just doing basic, light stuff.


also i noticed my 1800x likes peaking at 1.5v's. frequently. any load, regardless how big or small, it will shoot from something like 0.600v's straight to 1.5v's.. i could understand a peak of 1.52v's but an average of 1.35v's but peak of 1.5v's with an average of 1.42v's for 20 minutes just browsing reddit when xfr is enabled? i guess these high voltages wouldn't concern me... if it wasn't so common


for the time being i disabled xfr in the bios and voltages dropped down to a more saner 1.2(x)v's range... but it seems like that breaks amd's ryzen balance plan. my 1800x now doesn't down clock below 3.6ghz. it's like if i had high performance profile loaded. voltage still drops at idle thanks to c-states but i don't know how stable the cpu is at 0.600v's at 3.6ghz sitting at desktop.

i used the latest stable hwinfo to monitor. anyways, is this by design? are these voltages safe? is it fine to have an average voltage of 1.4v's just browsing reddit? also is it stable to keep the high performance profile but letting the cpu voltage drop at idle without the frequency following?