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FX-8800P degrade overtime

Question asked by inferno on Apr 10, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2017 by ray_m

I bought Lenovo Y700-15ACZ 2 years back. the max clock speed of it goes to 3.4ghz. since the core vid was set to 1.337v for a 15watt processor it starts throttling down ((AS PER REPORTS)).

now after 2 years the processor has started to degrade its performance.


I am using undervolting tool (( )). it fairly increase the performance at 1.212v. Without doing this it was throttling down to 1.3ghz every 2 second. What kind of gaming laptop is this??? my worst buy.


Now it barely reaches 3.0ghz instead of 3.4ghz and it cannot maintain 100% cpu usage while playing games even in Counter Strike Global Offensive.



Please suggest me a fix or some repair tool