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Problem With My GPU (Could be the Update Or.. ?)

Question asked by ginchiyo on Apr 10, 2017

First sorry about my english, its not my native language, i have a laptop Asus X550Z with AMD FX-7500 Radeon R7,10 Computes Core 4C+6G,

i have a question about the problem i had, recently my GPU is slower than before, i was update my driver version into a "Crimson Relive 17.1.2", then i realize it maybe because the update which it made my laptop slower than before when playing a game, and after that i uninstall my AMD and try to find a APU driver with an Dual Grapich support. and i dont know which version i should download, i have tried the 16.9.2 , and the lastest version, and i cant remember the last version i install, please if you can help me with this.