So is this how it's going to be?

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I pay 308 US Dollars to get the RX 480 8GB from MSI, the gaming X version, just so it keeps crashing? games don't run the way they should, nothing's smooth, even my old R9 270X 4GB ran smoother.
what is going on? I'm really confused and stressed out about this.


And this is some of what happens, screen flickers, then goes black, says it detects no signal, takes a deep breath, then goes back to life, and a notification from the graphics driver pops up saying the WattMan crashed..

That happens alllllllllllllllll the time, it can happen minute-ly, it can happen second-ly, and sometimes, when the screen goes black, the whole PC restarts.

I have no third party apps installed, involving overclocking the gpu or anything else, nothing.

For example, I was recording in-game GTA5 making a short clip, showing how buggy and laggy the game is because of the gpu and drivers, guess what happened? blue screen of death... talking about some information saying "Stop code: VIDEO TDR FAILURE, What failed: atikmpag.sys"


I bought this card from amazon, I have tons of clips showing different crashes and freezes etc, I'm now going to edit all that and upload it to youtube, put it in my review on amazon, and mark it one star instead of the 5 I initially gave it.

Nothing has worked for me, older driver versions back to 16.6, other versions of windows on with same RX 480 and the same drivers, all the crashes and problems remain, now I completely have no idea what to do.. returning the card to amazon will cost me more than the card itself, or waiting for AMD to fix the driver.. I don't know.. or maybe someone can tell me if I'm doing something wrong, direct me on what to check.


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