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Drivers randomly crashing with any Radeon Crimson software version on Windows 10

Question asked by venusinfurs on Apr 7, 2017


This issue has been ongoing for a very long time.


I'm running Windows 10 Pro and I own an R9 290X and I'm close to losing my hecking mind


Drivers have been crashing during various applications (not only games), as in the screen would flicker briefly and then my monitor would tell me, that there is no signal to be detected and shuts off


A hard reset is all that helps.Back and forth with email AMD support, I do as they say and completly purge the current Radeon Crimson Software and drivers from my system and install the latest version


with 17.4 installed the issue got only worse and the drivers would reliably crash every few minutes or so


It's not an overheating issue, I've checked that. I switched to the DVi port on my GPU and same thing


I then decided to completly format everything and install a fresh copy of Windows 10 Pro


Lo and behold, problem still exists.


Last option was to rollback to a previous driver and the one that worked for me was 15.201.1501


I don't really care much that I have to use an outdated software version, as I don't care for all the "features" that Crimson brought, so whatever


But now Windows 10 insists on installing 16.6 over and over again


I already went to local group policy editor and changed the windows update settings to "notify for download and notify for install"


But just now it AGAIN installed bloody 16.6


I went to check in local group policy editor again and noticed that there is a option called "do not include drivers in windows updates" and I enabled that


Will that fix it? Is there something else I need to do?


Because if my screen flickers again and then comes back on just for me to see that this dreaded red crimson symbol has returned, I'm going to toss this machine out the window


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