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17.2.1 Program is not responding

Question asked by kingchicken on Apr 3, 2017
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Everytime I fire up a (reasonably demanding) game the Radeon Settings window stops responding for a few seconds to a few minutes at regular intervals. The driver doesn't crash, I mean while I'm playing I don't notice it, but when I try to access it after the game closes and when the game is running... it's starting to get annoying to wait so long so often. I suspect it has something to do with the activity/memoryclock etc. tracker being added recently. Is there a way to turn it off?


Might want to add I updated from 16.4 or something, so I skipped a couple of updates.



OS: Windows 7 64 -bit

CPU: Intel i7 4770 3.40 Ghz

GPU: Sapphire Vapor-X HD 7970 3GB Ghz edition