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Monitor flickers down to 60hz when starting game.

Question asked by jurban89 on Apr 2, 2017

Hi all, so whenever I start playing Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, my monitor will flicker a few times while loading and eventually will say "No signal". I then hit the windows key and the monitor will turn back on again and show the desktop, but my monitor now only shows a 60hz refresh rate, and I don't even have the option to go back to 144hz in advanced display settings. Once I close the game, if i turn on monitor off and back on, it will automatically switch back to 144hz. Any suggestions?

Im using an Asus mg278q monitor and an RX480 as my video card.


Tested this with my Asus vq248e(1080p/144hz)and it worked fine, Im having issues with the Asus MG279q(1440p/144hz).

It just did the same thing while trying to run H1Z1, I am connected using a Displayport cable.