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    MOBO Feedback. What do you think?


      I am starting to look at parts for an AMD Ryzen build that I will be doing in the hopefully near future. Cosmetically I am planning for the system to be light up with red LEDs and black background colors. Today I got an e-mail from Amazon about some of the new Ryzen motherboards and this one popped up on the list: MSI B350 TOMAHAWK


      Hehe, I like their slogan:


      Personally I don't know much about the new motherboards and I was wondering if any of you have any feedback about this specific one. Is it a good choice? Are there major drawbacks that it has? Would you get it? Just some basic info would be nice. There aren't very many reviews about this board yet and most of them are being tainted by the RAM issues that many boards are experiencing which as far as I know is due to Ryzen being brand new and should be fixed shortly.


      Throw your two cents in so I can make a decision! Thanks to everyone for future feedback.

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          It depends on what you plan on doing with your rig.  The only major downfall with this board is that it isn't all that great at overclocking.  The 370 chipset is much better suited for that as it has a better VRM arrangement.  Other than that it's a solid choice for a motherboard.  It's fairly feature rich. Looks good. And MSI is a trustworthy manufacturer

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            I've heard a lot of good things about the Tomahawk, and I personally prefer to use MSI boards. Overclocking is fairly similar on the b350 and the x370, if you're not planning on running SLI (the b350 isn't certified for SLI) either would work for your usage.

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              My two cents...  Though the board is not listed as supporting SLI (two NVidia video cards) it does support Crossfire configurations so you are not left out of running two cards on that board.  I currently run two RX470's and I get the performance of a single GTX 1080 card in graphics performance.  This board will give you great performance.


              I like that it has an m.2 slot for NVME SSD and 4 SATAIII ports that will support RAID.  The B350 chipset will let you overclock some if your are interested, but you are going to get fantastic out of the box performance with any Ryzen CPU.


              If you want all the Ryzen features at your fingertips then you will need to look at the X370 chipset, but you will pay a lot more for it than this board.

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                I tend to stick with the enthusiast level boards.  I currently run my Ryzen processor at 4.1 GHz (3.6 native) and don't break 70C on the Firestrike stress test.  Enthusiast boards tend to be made with high quality components and heat sinks that will keep the system running strong even at higher voltages as they can better dissipate the excess heat.


                Boards like the MSI XPower Gaming Titanium have four extra PSU pins for the CPU and even for the PCIe bus.  Those features help you get just a little bit higher stable overclock than even the pro series boards.  For me, the fun in building a new system, is playing with RAM timings, voltages, and seeing the maximum settings under which my system is stable.


                Having said that, the board you are looking at will certainly overclock well and supports most of the features found in the X370 boards.  The audio chipset on the B350 and DACs are a bit lower quality than the high end boards, which may not matter depending on your headset and speakers.  The big differences are fewer USB 3.0 ports and also less PCIe lanes.  If you check the manual, the second full length PCIe slot is PCIe 2.0 x4, while the first is PCIe 3.0x16.  So while the board does support Crossfire, the slower speed of the second slot would likely bottleneck a high end GPU like Vega.  So if you are looking to run two high end GPUs in Crossfire, you will need to step up to an X370 board.  I attached the image from the manual below.  So to summarize, if your not an audiophile and probably won't rock more than one high end GPU I don't think you can go wrong with the board.


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                  I don't know much about the tomahawk but the B350M gaming pro is what I am using. I can get 4.0 stable on the 1700 and I get a partially stable 4.1, looking to get an x370 board but this was the cheapest they had on Newegg at the time.  figure I can get a little better overclock with the x370 but for right now its a really good board. the only thing I don't like about it is that you will need a fan splitter if you want more than 1 fan in the case. I think there is one on the back of the motherboard but I did not check before installing. For a Cheap starter board to get things going though it is well worth it