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idle clock and voltages

Question asked by jan-tae on Mar 22, 2017
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Here is my hardware specification. Idle clock does not falling below 2200mhz. In some cases the system is intrupting the work if I setted Windows low energy mode. I don't know how the CPU will proves oneselfs on a long duration test. I will only overclocking and activating Windows high performance mode if i need Power (for example gaming, rendering, extracting), in some cases i will deactivate some core if it is needed for a good program computing performance such as some old computer games. At first i need to know how to solve the FMA3 bug? Does anybody have a official solution or a do-it-by-yourself solution? Where user can receive any machine code instruction libraries (macro code instructions/ op code instructions)? I am glad about that AMD is giving us so much u@ser confidence.



Intressting and difficult to describe anomia. We all need to learn more from this new architecture.



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