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Two Tvs, need assistance please

Question asked by havocentral on Mar 16, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2017 by Hardwood


I cannot figure out which card in the series I have. It has 1 HDMI 1 DVI and 1 DP,


I have 2 tvs I would like to hook up to it, a 55ich for netflix and videos, and a 42 inch for internet. So i can watch netflix and surf the internet at the same time.


I found this article, but not sure if it applys to me

Driving Multiple Displays From a Single DisplayPort™ Output with AMD Radeon Graphics Products.


Neither tv has a DVI or DP, so I would have to use an HDMI adapter which I can order off amazon, I just want to make sure my card supports this, as well as knowing which would be best to get. Audio is not relevant because I have my PC directly hooked to surround sound.


Also, some software similar to whats in the link would be nice.


Thanks for all your help.