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    Video tdr failure r9 270x 4gb


      Hello. Since 2 days im getting "Video tdr failure" even when im sitting on my desktop. I tried diffrent options of drivers, from 14.x, 15.x 16.x and the newest 17.3. For some reason it keeps crashing, as well i have blue screen of the death.  My temperatures are fine etc. I even cleared my insides from dust.  I checked if my ram are fine [0 errors] same for computer disk [one ssd for system and one hdd]. I did few formats [only ssd where is system] hdd is for games. Same issue on windows 7 32bit, windows 8.1 64bit and windows 10 64bit.  As well i did lots of research[ was trying to fix that past 2 days]


      GPU: Asus R9 270X 4gb

      OS: Windows 10, 64-bit

      Driver version: ATM on windows drivers because there problem disappear

      Motherboard: MSI b85-g43

      CPU: Intel core i5 4460

      PSU:SilentiumPC Vero L1 500W 80Plus (VL1-500)

      RAM: 12 GB, 1333Mhz (1x8 + 2x2)


      What I have tried:


      - System Restores and reinstall
      - Running DDU in Safe Mode and re-trying

      - Using Device Manager

      - Disabling automatic driver updates through Windows

      - Manually installing drivers with Device Manager

      - Using AMD's Autodetect