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    How do I update these drivers? Crashes in past


      Hi all,

      I've started having some massive issues with my laptop. I'm not very computer savvy so please don't go to complex if you try to help!


      I tried updating my graphics some months ago and when I did I ran into some issues, my display driver would stop working randomly, got a black screen for a few seconds and it would recover. I tried updating again and I think it told me to remove one that was a legacy driver. But whenever I did it just reappeared. Using the windows function would make it some how go to an older driver. I've just tried updating and I got an error, linked me to a legacy page.(Error 174 – AMD Installer Cannot Continue Due to an Unsupported AMD Graphics Hardware Configuration)

      My laptop has AMD Radeon HD 8550G + HD 8750M Dual Graphics. Can anyone help me out?


      My game performance has taken a nose dive! When I first bought the laptop I was hitting the 60fps cap and hundreds if I disabled on high settings on League of Legends. Now I'm looking at 10-30. Usually 10-20 on very low. (1920x1080)