Stream and Recording- Ryzen 7 1700x

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Hey everyone I have been doing some testing with my new Ryzen 7 1700x. First off specs

CPU - Ryzen 7 1700x

Cooler - H80i with Noctua fan

Motherboard - MSI B350 Tomahawk

Ram - G.skill Trident z 3200 mhz @ 2133mhz

GPU - GTX 1070 Strix OC, Waiting for VEGA!!!

PSU- Seasonic X - series 1050 watt

Case - Cooler Master MasterBox 5


I started to do this testing so that people can see the true purpose of Ryzen. To be honest I don't think that Red Team Plus is doing a great job at getting the information out there, so I thought that I would try. Not to rag on them but Ryzen is awesome for this kind of stuff, Video editing, Streaming, or just gaming. That aside I think that this is some useful information for everyone interested in Ryzen.


BF4 1080p 60fps Ultra streaming -Ryzen 7 1700x + GTX 1070 streaming



Ryzen 7 1700x + GTX 1070 streaming BF4 at 1080p Ultra



Ryzen 7 1700x + GTX 1070 streaming BF1 at 1080p Ultra



TitanFall 2 - RYZEN 7 1700x with GTX 1070 Shadow play 1080p



Battlefield 1 - Ryzen 7 1700x with GTX 1070 Shadowplay 1080p


If you want something tested just let me know and I will be on it asap Enjoy 


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