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    Thoughtful Critique of Ryzen Launch Day. (Twitch Stream)


      Yesterday, I hosted the AMD channel all day on twitch, I watched every person who streamed Ryzen from the Austin Office. It should be noted, that these opinions are my own, and they do not extend to the RTP Members DerrickGott007 or Nik Caven. The RTP Members did their thing, and hyped Ryzen and AMD the whole stream. Showed us Benchmarks even. This critique is ONLY on the GUEST streamers that were invited to launch day. I will not be targeting specific streamers, just yesterday left an especially bad taste in my mouth. I know there were some technical issues regarding bitrate for the entire stream, that I understand is completely out of the control of community management. Here are my main gripes.



      One of the reasons that I resonate with this community, is the fact that Politics hold no bearing on the content of the channel. Even Anecdotal political affiliations take away from the content being created here. They also take away from building community on the Twitch Channel. Even simple Anecdotes may have turned away some one from potentially joining the Red Team.


      2. TOXIC CHAT

      All I know about the streamers who streamed as guests yesterday, is that they had high follower counts. But that did not translate into positive viewership. I have never seen, the Banhammer swung so much in one afternoon. To what end ? The viewer count was only slightly higher than usual, but the ratio of that to Trolls was significant. Many people, joined Chat only to smash AMD, and insult the mods of the Twitch channel. Those Trolls were brought in and appeared to be regulars of the guests communities. To the Mods who stuck it out all day yesterday I salute you. Thank you for donating your time and energy to making the channel a nicer place to be.


      3. LACK OF RYZEN HYPE (and knowledge about AMD products)

      Many of the streamers did not HYPE Ryzen, when they got to play on Ryzen at launch. This is, I think, what got to me the most. The 1800x is the most powerful product AMD has come out with in a decade. One of the streamers admitted on stream, that he didn't even know what an RX480 was, he owned not a single AMD product, and could only say, "yeah I guess its as smooth as what I have at home." . If follower count is going to be the only thing dictating how these guests get on the channel I am not going to watch them. I thought the channel is supposed to be fostering positivity around AMD and their products. Many of the streamers yesterday, not only looked un-enthused to be there, but also had no idea what they were playing on.



      Not a single AMD Community Member, Tech Blogger, or Industry Professional was asked to be a part of the Ryzen launch on Twitch. WHY? There is a mountain of resourceful people inside the community. I know the line would have been out the door for press to be a part of it. The worst part, not a single Industry professional or representative from AMD to talk about the product. Only a loop from the AMD youtube, that was not being monitored. (I know it wasn't, because a video of the liquid nitrogen powered 1800x breaking the Cinebench world record played for almost 30 minutes on repeat. I ended up muting it.)



      First I want to say, I miss DownL1nk. It would have been amazing to have him on the channel yesterday, even for a few hours, to touch base with the community and let us know his thoughts. He still streams occasionally on his personal channel, and he is the one industry representative I would have really liked to see. He could have brought knowledge, driver/hardware expertise, and a welcoming atmosphere. (As Well as being Pro AMD.)

      I also would like to see, more involvement from the community of people who are already streaming and Hyping AMD at all opportunities. Elmnator comes to mind. His AMD builds are legendary, his benchmarks on AMD hardware have broken records. This weekend he gained a ton of followers and had a 1000 viewers just for putting together his Ryzen rig, and he didn't even finish it. But he handled it with Grace, and now has a liquid cooled Ryzen rig. Just his rig and following would have brought in people, and his content is totally relevant to the Ryzen launch.


      I suppose that is what I am getting at. We need relevant content on the channel, especially with big launches.



      The reason I am posting this... I care about this community. I am Proud to be a AMD Red Team Member. I want the Twitch Channel to grow, in a positive way as it has brought me hours of joy and entertainment. It's also brought me friends. Friends so close, I consider them like family. I hope people in this community and community managers understand, I posted this to be constructive.


      erin.maiorino nelstar15 thecommonmasses

      Thank you for everything you do for the community. I hope this feedback helps grow this community, in a positive direction.

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          I can't help but agree with what you are getting at Mohotashi. I was originally attracted to join this community because of all the ideals you mentioned in this post. I'm not entirely sure what AMD is trying to accomplish with any of the recent changes, but I have been less inclined to tune into watching them, with the exception of IAmTheSaga, DerrickGott007, BiogenX2B, and Virgo4u. They are the reason that I am still inclined to watch the AMD stream team and we need more streamers that know AMD and their products, as well as carry a positive attitude towards their viewers and their content! iamthesaga mohotashi virgo4u biogenx2b derrickgott007

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            Very well said my opinions are my own and I agree that they need to work more on promoting some red team community members, I will also say elmnators broadcast yesterday with live benchmarks, and gaming showing performance was excellent he even was asking viewers what they would like to see him test with games benchmark tools etc. while I do understand pulling in a person with a high viewer count or that uses all competitors products for a unbiased opinion from a business standpoint myself, I also feel that a few of the red team members themselves put up there would have been better 1 amd would be helping them grow as a amd community member by a few Viewers, the people I am currently thinking about are extremely community oriented and bleed amd red, the also are very professional and help out other community members which is exactly what Amd is about being a family of gamers that helps others. Of the guest streamers I liked the 1st the best because of final fantasy 14 content and mmos being very cpu intensive games and a great way to show ryzens power.

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              I think you and I would get along just fine. I am an old-school AMD fanboy, and it is extremely disheartening to see how AMD chooses to promote things within the community. So many people have basically 0 knowledge about tech, about AMD, about how to interact with true enthusiasts.  All they care about are stupid Twitch numbers. 

              I love seeing people who are like 22 years old saying they 'bleed AMD red' LOL. Goof! I was overclocking AMD processors before you hit puberty. Whatever! What do I know, I've only owned hundreds of AMD products through the years and placed all kinds of Opteron servers into production. I guess I'm not cool enough for them

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                Thanks for an honest commentary. I miss downl1nk as well. I also feel less bad about working throughout the entire Ryzen launch stream.

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                  I thought this was very thoughtful, and even though I didn't watch Twitch, I do agree, generally, with what is being said here.

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                    I just purchased Ryzen 1800X and a Asus ROG Crosshair VI motherboard. I have 2 major concerns. The damned IMC on Ryzen  is crippled when handling 32 GB of memory. I have 2 16GB 3200mhz dimms from G.Skill. Asus has now posted that that they will be limited to 2400MHZ. It is not a bios issue, but the Ryzen IMC just is not good enough to handle 16GB double rank dimm modules. 1 rank modules do NOT presently exist for 16GB dimms, it would require a process shrink from 20nm to 14mm to allow for this. Why was there no word out on this before. I would have bought 2 8GB dimms instead. Surely AMD was aware of the IMC limitations. Running 3200mhz dimms at 2400mhz means a big hit in performance for many apps. The second issue is in many games and some productivity apps the performance is not up to sniff because of latency caused by threads being sent to the wrong ccx. That seems to be a design issue and is not fixable until the next iteration of Ryzen in a year or two. SMuch of this could have been avoided by not compromising design for expediency. If it took another 4 months to release the product in proper shape to maximize performance, then that is what should have been done. I laid out $500 for Ryzen 1800X. I laid out $255 for the motherboard. I laid out $249 for my memory and I am getting a performance level that is NOT what it is supposed to be. I am very disappointed in the lack of candor from AMD on this. I have been using AMD cpus and graphics cards for over 25 years. I know Ryzen is still much better than Bulldozer and Pile driver, but the IMC issue after the terrible IMC in Bulldozer is really unacceptable. Why was this not addressed?

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                      I caught up on the rest of the stream today and absolutely share Mohotashi's opinions, he has practically covered everything that was wrong with yesterday's stream.


                      When you look at competitors streams, you see a certain level of professionalism outside of the official streamers, I understand that some may not be strict and professional, but that doesn't mean anyone should be hosted which so far seems to be the case.


                      There are a number of RT members who deserve those spots, the ones I and many others watch are enthusiastic about the hardware.


                      I'm curious as to how these people are selected, there are a small but very enthusiastic group of red team streamers who are head and above those that have huge follower counts,  who have been hosted both in the Ryzen event and previous to that.


                      I would personally like to see some communication with Red Team, the community that has stuck by and despite the odd choices in the past with people being hosted, have remained enthusiastic with the streaming side of AMD.

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                        Wasn't particularly happy with our guest either. One community that followed their streamer was particularly toxic. Not sure what they get out of it, but I was eating lunch at the time and had to put down the fork a couple of times to ban some trolls-in-training. They sure showed me... *sigh* *eyeroll*


                        Two of the guests tried to promote the systems they games on @TeaWrex and @joeneverfails - I appreciate their efforts. The remaining streamers could have played on a potato for all they knew and cared.


                        I honestly would have vastly preferred to see a stream with some AMD engineers able to talk and answer some tech questions. We had people drop in to chat to ask questions and leave because they didn't come to watch someone play games. There's millions of streamers on Twitch who do that.

                        Felt like a missed opportunity to me.


                        The IT issue and resulting bad stream quality sure didn't help, either.

                        And neither did For honor crashing 3x on stream.


                        If this sounds overly negative, then that's because I've concentrated on the parts I consider need improvements/change in future events. I know the people working and organizing this were working hard and most of that work remains  invisible to us and therefore un(der)appreciated.

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                          Very well written Mohotashi!

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