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    2D Laplacian memory tiling


      Hello everyone,


      I have a bit of a doubt and I hope someone can help me here. I've seen several examples for the 5-point stencil of the 2D laplacian, but usually in global memory (which I've already implemented with the periodic boundary conditions I require). I'm currently trying to obtain an implementation which utilizes memory tilling, except I simply don't know how to deal with the ghost rows and columns. If anyone has an example I can use I would be most grateful.





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          Its could be something like:


              - load each threads own cell from global memory to local memory using all threads in the workgroup.

              - load security paddings from global memory to local memory using the surface threads(2D thread group-->4x 1D edges) so it doesnt go out of bounds when using stencil on interior-edges

              - synchronize threads on local memory using barrier

              - do whatever your kernel does but use local memory this time instead of global memory.


          what you need here is:


            - each thread's local thread id

            - predefined local array

            - barrier (on local memory)

            - some access pattern that doesn't conflict on local memory banks much


          a simple additional offset to access local memory should be used to overcome paddings.