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Please bring back ATI Tray Tools!!!!

Question asked by supervargen on Feb 19, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2017 by ray_m

Hi. Do you all remember ATI Tray Tools?

It was the best tool for all graphic cards.

If i don't remember wrong the developer of ATI Tray Tools (Ray Adams) was hired by AMD and the development av ATI Tray Tools stopped.


AMD has an okay interface and options for their drivers. But it is barely okay.

ATI Tray Tools was on a whole other level. Like comparing a Volvo to a F1 car.


My questions for AMD is:

Why did you not simply hire Ray to continue the development of that fantastic tool? All would benefit.

If he works for AMD, why is your software, excuse the phrase, so lame? Sorry but it is. Where are all the goodies?

I am all for having an interface for dummies. But let's have an real expertmode too please.

ATI Tray Tools had so many options, options that helped us get the most of our cards and fixes for games.

To name a few.. Crossfire fixes, Fixes for micro stuttering, Different levels of V-sync, LOD bias, Texture LOD Adjustment, Flip Queue Size.



Take that now old program, modernize it and incorporate it to your drivers or as an optional download and you will have a fantastic software to fantastic hardware.


Please please please with sugar on top, put more resources in your software division.


I am a huge fan of AMD hardware, Not so much of a fan of AMD software.

I have used AMD (and former ATI) since 1999 and i will hopefully use AMD in 2099