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Can u fix your upgrades ?

Question asked by šarūnas on Feb 14, 2017
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Hello my name is Šarūnas and i'm sick of these new updates, latests 2 updates does not even working for me always same error Fix this error for god sake... - Album on Imgur . I always do clean install ad its fails always. As i know updates is for fixing old version errors or bugsand ect. But when u download new and after install u understant that this was not even wurf to install.

I am missing old catalyst witch worked fine and now this crimson is big disapointment. + None of solutions from your page didnt worked. I need answers.

My spec:

Acer Aspire E1-572G Notebook,

Intel core™ i5-4200U 1.6Ghz with Turbo boost up to 2.6Ghz;

AMD Radeon™ HD 8750M with 2Gb Dedicated VRAM;

8Gb ram;