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    How can I fix my screen blacking for a second non randomly


      I noticed that my screen blacks for a second but only when there is a lot of hot colors on screen eg: looking at a fire, bloody screen for being shot... makes the screen blink, but everything else is working(I can hear sound). It only happens in fullscreen, when I watch a video it consistently happens at specific times, going back makes it happen again. Running my game in borderless helped a bit because it wasn't as prone to hot colors but it was still happening. In battlefield 3 it almost never happens except when a grenade blows up in my face, probably because color blue is enhanced in this game. Another example is when I go to this site Multiplayer - Battlelog / Battlefield 4  it starts blacking when the rain in the background is moving, but changing my browser to windowed causes the rain to stop and my screen doesn't black anymore.


      GPU: RX 460

      CPU: AMD FX(tm)-4320 Quad-Core Processor     (4 CPUs), ~4.0GHz

      RAM: 8GB

      OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

      DirectX 11

      My graphics card-monitor connection is through Displayport-VGA adapter because the Graphics card didn't feature a VGA connection


      What didn't help: -changing Scalling mode from "Perserve aspect ratio" to "Full Panel"

                                  -updating to latest beta version in radeon settings