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amd r9 265x

Question asked by karmangel on Feb 7, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2017 by karmangel

My gpu... has a really huge issue.


It all started when AMD Gaming Evolved Control Center said i had drivers updates to my gpu... I did the updates but days after, my gamepad got unrecognized by my PC but the worst it's that my gpu's performance sudently has vanished (weak performance, screen tearing in everything, vram was also less). I try everything but no solution (tryed to put the newer drivers version or the oldest versions but same thing) and (i even change from Win 8.1 to Win 7, so if it would run better). Well, games were now unplayable :/


So, a year passed and by curiosity i was seing things on AMD Catalyst Control Center, and by putting the settings on Standart, the gpu's performance went up between, i would say, 75%-80%; vram (2GB) was back at all once again but screen tearing that is one thing that i can't get rid of it (seriously, it's annoying... even in videos, screen tearing appears!). Some games are playable (acceptable) but i still don't have my GPU on 100%.


Without solution, i'm planning to make a PC build but if i could at least know how to resolve my gpu's issue, it would be great.


Ah! The warranty was over by the time the problem started to kick in.


Does someone knows what should i do? The laptop PC is for work and gaming and, although that i want to make a gaming PC build, i simply can't leave my laptop's gpu like that! If it has a solution, i want to do something about it!


Thanks for the attention (and sorry if i posted on the wrong topic)