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AMD HD8750M update fails, Windows 10 64bit, Lenovo G510

Question asked by zippoex on Jan 31, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2019 by mike56

Hi guys,

I recently changed from my old HDD to a 256 GB SSD, Did a clean Win 10 pro, 64 bit install, installed some basic software and now wanted to update to the latest AMD drivers before installing some games and applications that will require more than the intel graphic chip.

Via Windows Update/if checking in the device manager, it says the latest driver was installed, which is not the case. The driver version installed is 15.200.1050.0 (30.06.2015) which is also the version that appears on the Lenovo Support Website.

However, there are several newer versions (17.1.2 , from yesterday).

When I try to manually install the latest driver, windows will stop displaying any changes (picture freezes) and ignore any input from mouse or keyboard. After power off and reboot windows fails and I have to restore a previous saved version.

Tried to uninstall/reinstall in safe mode as well but nothing seems to work. Help please? Anyone?

PS: It worked with my HDD in the otherwise same Notebook.


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EDIT: When I try to install the chipset driver (optional download when selecting the driver) the software returns "error 182" and is unable to detect the AMD graphic card. Just wanted to let you case it helps.