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Black Screen Freeze After Updating the Graphic Drivers

Question asked by carlosjesús on Jan 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2017 by kingfish

* Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening: Sorry if I mistake, but I don't speak english very well.

* I have a  AMD Radeon HD 8400/ R3 Series.

* I just updated my AMD Graphics Drivers on Windows 10 and it get stucked into "AMD Gaming Revolution" (Or something like that) so, the only thing I could do was ending the task with the "Task Administrator" and reebot my laptop after that.

When it turned on again, it froze in the "Users Load Screen" (After entering to the desktop), then, it showed a black screen with the menu logo of windows at a corner (Like a desktop screen but very "primitive"), and then, it send me back to the "Users Load Screen", and it also was freeze.

I was not able to do anything.

* Please, help me, this problem doesn't allow me to use my laptop! And if I tell my parents, they are going to kill me :'P.