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Gigabyte G1 Gaming Rx 480 Wattman Constantly Crashing

Question asked by noeaton on Jan 25, 2017

I purchased a gigabyte G1 Gaming Rx 480 about 6 months ago and I had almost no problems other than it running hot.After few bios updates I got over that  but about 1 month ago the crazy thing started - while playing Dota 2 or Doom or whatever game my screen would go black and I would get a messege about Glogal Wattman Restoring Due to Unexpected System Failure.Ever since I got that message I tried everything I found on the internet about setting memory clock to dynamic and anti aliasing to x4 and whatever video and info I could find on the internet I have tried it.I even reinstalled my whole pc from the ground up with drivers and windows 10 tried removing my drivers couple of times in safe mode with DDU and at this point I am really getting desperate cuz this happens on every single game sometimes in about 5 minutes of play,sometimes in 1 hour of play but once it happens I can't open my drivers cuz they crash and the 2nd time I launch the game it happens in about 5 minutes.I am literally desperate and if amd doesn't respond in some way with official statement or here in the forums I am selling this  video card and going to the Green Team,cuz I literally can't handle it anymore.I saw that other people are  having the same issues and they didn't seem to find a solution or their solution didn't apply to me.My rig is Core i5 6500,Gigabyte b150 b7,8GB Corsair Vengence LPX Ram and Gigabyte G1 Gaming rx 480 4gb and a 600W Bronze PSU.I can't use this video card for the only thing I bought it - to play games and AMD doesn't seem to respond to anything so thanks and I guess Green Team are really better cuz that doesn't happen there