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    Rx 480 freeze at idle, sleep mode.


      So Can anyone give a clear answer? Bought an Rx 480 xfx GTR yesterday... I Get random Freeze and sleep mode (on Idle) after the pc was shut down for long time (like at night 8 hours). Is that AMD Drivers fault or just some gpu's are factory problematic? If anyone knows please tell me... Should I DOA my card????

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          INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN POSTING A QUESTION You must provide your full system info

          Recently one guy resolve this issue by updating motherboard BIOS.

          Sleep mode depends on motherboard drivers and BIOS,GPU drivers and OS itself. Any of those components may contain errors.

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              My system: Motherboard: Asus P8H77-M

                                  CPU: Intel Core I7 3770 3,5GHZ

                                  RAM: G skill 8 gb 1.6 ghz

                                  SSD: Kingston V300

                                  PSU:OCZ ModXstream Pro 700w 80+

                                  OS: Windows 8.1 (Original)

                                  GPU: Xfx Rx 480 GTR Triple XXX

                                  Drivers: 16.12.2 and at the momment 17.1.1

              It has nothing to do with the system, Also dont ask me if i did DDU on my old Drivers.. Had a 7850 Asus Direct cu II before no problems at all.. My bios version is the latest... Dont tell me anything like try to reinstall drivers safe mode or etc... I know there is a big issue with RX480 series..

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