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Can't update/install drivers.

Question asked by kojott on Jan 15, 2017
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Since about half of a year I have windows 10. I had some video drivers, updated it once or so. All worked fine but some time later, I tried to upgrade drivers. I downloaded newest version and tried to install. I coudn't do it getting note that components are already installed and I have 16.40.xxxxx version so I gave up. Today I get newest drivers once again. All went the same so this time I uninstalled all video drivers also used DDU and rebooted. Running installator I get only note saying that components are already installed(orig. Skladniki sa juz zainstalowane)(it isn't) and looks like there's nothing more I can do with it.


I have desktop, windows 10 x64, r9 380, i5 4690, gigabyte z97x-gaming 3. No other issues besides video driver.