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    Can't update/install drivers.




      Since about half of a year I have windows 10. I had some video drivers, updated it once or so. All worked fine but some time later, I tried to upgrade drivers. I downloaded newest version and tried to install. I coudn't do it getting note that components are already installed and I have 16.40.xxxxx version so I gave up. Today I get newest drivers once again. All went the same so this time I uninstalled all video drivers also used DDU and rebooted. Running installator I get only note saying that components are already installed(orig. Skladniki sa juz zainstalowane)(it isn't) and looks like there's nothing more I can do with it.


      I have desktop, windows 10 x64, r9 380, i5 4690, gigabyte z97x-gaming 3. No other issues besides video driver. 

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          It is quite a new problem .Try to install some  old drivers like 15.7.1 15.11 16.7.3 16.9.2

          But first:

          1.Delete C:\AMD folder

          2.Uninstall all AMD software and clean your system in safe mode by DDU program

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            DDU isn't perfect and sometimes only uninstalls the Display drivers...

            Reason.  your ATI installer package that cataloged all the components might have been messed up, your not listing what system these drivers are for so i cant say were to start to fix that but thought you should Know:


            Check currently installed componets using the Control Panel Change/Repair option FIRST, before using something new. You probably could have repaired the Instaler before installing new driver sets and figured what was being seen by the system and what wasnt, or if something should have been seen and Repaired it.



            If the hive got messed up and ATI installer lost track of stuff theres no telling whats on there.


            So my question is : Did you try the stand alone AMD uninstaller Tool yet ?


            If not give it a run through on the desktop.