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RX480 - Memory corruption while installing drivers

Question asked by speedy37 on Jan 10, 2017



Everytime I want to upgrade to the latest AMD driver for my RX480 I got a memory corruption (part of screen displayed in wrong order/colors) which led to infinite restart of the display driver just after the setup install the driver and start applying it.

After restarting the driver appear to be installed and working fine.


To be able to reach full completion of the setup I've to run DDU before, it works but I guess any non advanced user would be stuck with an incomplete driver installation.


Before the RX480 (mid december) I was able to update drivers for my HD7870 without any problems.


A bit of informations about my computer:


- OS: Windows 10 Pro (version 1607, build 14393.576)

- Motherboard: Asus P8Z77-M PRO

- CPU: i7 3770k

- RAM: 16GB

- PSU: Antec 520W 80+ Bronze

- GPU: Sapphire Nitro+ RX480 4Gb (aux fréquences de référence)

- HDD: Crucial MX100 512GB


The RX480 is connected to 2 displays:

- HDMI 1920x1080@60Hz

- DVI 1920x1200@60Hz


If you have troubles reproducing the issue, I'm a dev, so I can probably take some times to help you trace the issue.


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