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Notebook black screen, picture only displays on tv after driver install

Question asked by jayg on Jan 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2017 by jayg

Im running windows 7 64bit on Asus x52j, intel core i3 350m 2.26ghz, 4gb 640gb hdd.

Amd radeon HD6370M 512mb.


I installed the latest version amd catalyst 15.7.1 with dotnet45 win 7 -64bit but had my tv connected via hdmi cable whilst installing.

Now on startup its normal until windows loads where the notebook screen just goes completely black- no mouse pointer and i need to connect the tv in order to see display.

I have tried a clean install and the same problem occurs. Once i uninstall the amd driver suite the screen will revert back  to the notebook, the notebook display is also used when in safe mode.

It seems the new drivers will only recognize tv as my main display and toggling display settings hasnt provided any fix.

Have tried uninstalling the graphics card through manager and still the same problem occurs.

I also cant roll back to previous driver version or restore point, have tried this but not working.

Please help! Thanks