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    Farcry Primal Missing Skins when useing crimsion driver


      it only happens when useing the latest driver. ctaylest works fine with it just has some fps drops which is why id like to use crimson lol it runs much smoother also ctaylest seems to have soome random driver stops responding issues on this game


      anyway the issue is


      Apon installing the crimson driver all the NPCs have no skin textuers there cloths and objects are just floating in thin air but there bare skin textuers are invisable i have the game on steam soo here is a screen to show what exactly i mean




      as you can see there cloths are just floating there aswell as there hair only thing missing is the skin textuers when useing crimson




      This happens with any version of crimson as ive tested it with about 7 diffrent ones all of which are the 16.x.x versions. and it is an issue with that driver as catylest the textuers are there and fine

      Also im useing a R9 m290x