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How do i install anything other than "Display Driver"

Question asked by mratliff77 on Dec 22, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2016 by redfury

I have put a new ssd in my pc and reinstalled to that drive.  I downloaded the 16.21.1-dec7 relive driver, as well as the raidxpert and sb-sata-ahci drivers.   When i tried to install the raidxpert or the chipset drivers nothing happend just ended up with a checkmark and nothing being done. I then installed the relive graphics driver and it installed the gpu drivers and restarted, now when I try and install either of the other two it just shows me reinstalling the amd display driver 21.19.384.0 as well as the amd radeon settings 2016.1204.1136.20853. When that is ran a checkmark with 16.50.2001 driver has been installed with no change.  The drivers do unzip the proper installers but when I navagate inside and try to run the installer it complains about the catalyst installer not being installed. Pictures attached



things of note

windows 10x64

asus crosshair v formula-z 990fx


16gb ram

2x R9-290x