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    Can't install Radeon Settings.


      I've been trying for more than 2 hours to install Radeon Settings for the latest drivers (16.12.1) with no luck. I literally tried everything : Installing without cleaning, clean install with DDU both safe and not safe mode, and clean install with amd.

      The display driver itself is installed, and the audio driver too. Only Radeon Settings and  Amd troobleshoother thingy arent installed, when i try to install them the installer just skips and i got the message " driver partially installed."
      System :

      Cpu : AMD FX 8320 @4.4

      Gpu : R7 370 Msi 2gb

      450w psu

      8gb ram

      Windows 10 64 bit


      Help me guys, i'm starting to lose hope. D: