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A8-7600 and HD 5870 Drivers Problem

Question asked by fex on Dec 17, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2016 by redfury

I have got an A8-7600 and a HD 5870 in my Computer. My problem are the Drivers of both: Windows 10 is always installing Radeon Software Version 16.X. for the APU. But for my HD 5870 I need Version 15.7.1. If I remove the Driver for the APU and install the Driver for my graphic Card, Windows will reinstall the apu Driver by himself. After a reboot Windows start to Crash because two Drivers are installed. If I dont restart my Computer or remove the apu Driver again, Windows will remove the Driver for my graphic Card (and install the APU Driver again)

I deactived automatically Driver install in Windows. He is doing it anyway.

The A8-7600 and HD 5870 hybrid corssfire worked before, but suddenly Windows started installing incompatible drivers over Windows update and after a reinstall of Windows i have this salad now

Sorry for bad english, it is only my second language.

Hope you can help me.