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    Crimson 16.12.1 critical issue with MSI Afterburner


      Hello guys ! Had a problem with Afterburner after installing (clean) the newest radeon software (crimson relive 16.12.1). In Afterburner 4.2 Fan speed settings (graphic) disappeared totally and forever. OK, installed new Afterburner 4.3, problem was solved, BUT... when I set all params exactly the same to the settings I previously had(and it worked properly on previous versions of Afterburner and Crimson) the Evil Black Screen (of death ?)issue emerged. It happens randomly - sometimes when you just press the button "apply" in the Afterburner, sometimes after couple hours of playing game.  Screen (TV through HDMI) shuts down, but PC doesn't reboot or shut down as it was with BSOD or RSOD sometimes previously (as a result of unstable overclocking settings or something other issues). But there was a specific sound of RSOD
      So I decided to go back to the Crimson 16.11 and Afterburner 4.2 that are "combat proven"


      FX 8350 (13-15% overclocked, huuuuuge 2 fans and radiators cooler)
      MSI R9 390 8G (slightly overclocked)
      RAM 16G
      Corsaire CX750M
      1 GB HDD
      Mother Gigabyte 970A - UD3P

      Win 8.1 x64