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install driver error

Question asked by antoniowlcampos on Dec 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2017 by antoniowlcampos

Good evening,


I've a notebook that uses a Radeon HD7970m. A few months ago, when updating the driver in Windows 10, the computer simply "froze" the video. As I was unprepared for something like this, I couldn't get in security mode or any procedure like that, and I decide to format the computer toa a clean instalation of SO. In this new installation, the same problem happened when I installing the video drive ...


I thought it would be an upgrade bug and it would soon be solved, so I decided to format the computer again, this time with windows 8.1, and it's works for some weeks, but now, the problem happens again when I installed the video drive, the screen froze for a few seconds and appeared that famous "blue screen" acusing errors on windows ".


At this point, I'm preparing to format it again (since it doesn't works in 8.1 anymore, I'll at least keep the updated OS), and for now I'll use only Intel Graphics, while I try to find an answer to this problem ...


Can anyone help me with this? Any tips? Any procedure that might work? Any solution for god's sake?



Sorry for poor english, If you for anyone, I'm from Brazil.