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    Feedback ReLive instant replay function


      Hi staff,

      (i don't speak english very well, i hope you can understand the problem and if not i'll try to explain better)

      i hope you will consider this feedback about ReLive function. In primis:
      - when is active the "Instant replay" i set the time to 20 mintues, but after i play 20 minutes and don't save the replay, i have to reactivate the function to start again the recording. In my opinion this is wrong, the instant replay function have to still active also after the setting time pass and keep recording until i save the file of my real 20 minutes of gameplay, then it must automatically be reactivated

      So when reach the max minutes of recording have to continue recording rewriting the old minutes (es. if i start playing at 10:15 for 25 minutes, only when i press the hotkeys for saving the last 20 minutes, it must save what happened from 10:20 to 10:40. when saved the file it starts again automatically the recording and if i press again the hotkeys at 10:45, must save the last 5 minutes)

      I tried to recording but basically what happenes is that when reach the maximum time (20 minutes) the recording stops and i have to press the hotkeys to start again the Instant replay recording , and press another time to save the file.


      - sometimes in the saved file there is audio delay


      I hope you understand my problem and will be useful to improve ReLive.

      Best regards

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          I thought that Instant Replay would keep rewriting to the disk, taking up only the alotted amount of space but indefinitely writing to it, like a security camera that keeps overwriting the oldest footage. Now it makes sense why it doesn't work...


          edit: just to be clear, I also thought that pressing the Instant Replay shortcut/button would then make a video using the cached footage and also dump the cache, and continue writing to the cache from the moment you pressed the shortcut. So there'd be rolling footage from which you could always cut video from.