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A10 5750m with hd 8650g

Question asked by gerrit410 on Dec 12, 2016
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I have a msi gx70 3be laptop pretty old now use it nearly 3 years.


Since 2 weeks ago i noticed in gpu-z that the temps of the integrated gfx the hd 8650g is way to hot and make my laptop and all the other hardware to hot

due to this.



Gpu-z idle temp of the hd8650g is min 77c and when watching youtube or twitch it goes up to 91c sometimes more...

I use core temp for the A10 5750m cpu and the temps are fine for the cpu idle min 31c and load max 56c.

Than the dedicated graphics card hd8970m idle 34c and load 51c


So i came to a conclusion that the integrated graphics card hd8650g is the main problem of my laptop not working as it should anymore.

Looks like i need to buy a new cpu because of the integrated gfx...

But hard to find this cpu, unless taking the risk to buy one on ebay.


Temp monitor software used:


Core temp

Msi dragon center


Running driver:




Win 8.1 64bit

I have a cooling pad and the fan of the msi gx70 3be is running full speed all the time if i let it do auto fan speed laptop will crash because to hot.

Anyone else with this problem of the hd 8650g ? or if someone have suggestions or questions please feel free.


Thanks for your time.