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    A10 5750m with hd 8650g




      I have a msi gx70 3be laptop pretty old now use it nearly 3 years.


      Since 2 weeks ago i noticed in gpu-z that the temps of the integrated gfx the hd 8650g is way to hot and make my laptop and all the other hardware to hot

      due to this.



      Gpu-z idle temp of the hd8650g is min 77c and when watching youtube or twitch it goes up to 91c sometimes more...

      I use core temp for the A10 5750m cpu and the temps are fine for the cpu idle min 31c and load max 56c.

      Than the dedicated graphics card hd8970m idle 34c and load 51c


      So i came to a conclusion that the integrated graphics card hd8650g is the main problem of my laptop not working as it should anymore.

      Looks like i need to buy a new cpu because of the integrated gfx...

      But hard to find this cpu, unless taking the risk to buy one on ebay.


      Temp monitor software used:


      Core temp

      Msi dragon center


      Running driver:




      Win 8.1 64bit

      I have a cooling pad and the fan of the msi gx70 3be is running full speed all the time if i let it do auto fan speed laptop will crash because to hot.

      Anyone else with this problem of the hd 8650g ? or if someone have suggestions or questions please feel free.


      Thanks for your time.

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          You just need to clean your laptop cooling system first.If you never done this - contact to specialist.This procedure can be challenging.

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              Thanks for the reply.

              I do clean once a month the fan and the heat sink of the cpu and the one of the gpu with airspray can.

              I even reflowed the motherboard and dedicated graphics card, so i'am sure the heat come from the integrated graphics in the cpu that make the laptop overheat and shutdown.


              I even send it to msi service center, and they want to charge me a new motherboard what i did not excepted to let them do because of the high cost and it is clearly not the problem i tested all my hardware and the only thing what causes the overheating is the integrated gfx in the cpu.

              As i told, it is an old laptop and used alot with gaming and making music so cpu heavy.

              So i need to buy a new cpu to fix the problem, hard to find this model cpu..but when i find it i will update this topic because it may help someone else with the same or sort of problem.


              Forgot to add!

              I also repasted the cpu and the gpu with artic termal paste and replaced the old termal pads with new ones also for both.

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                  It may be a bad contact between GPU and cooling system or broken heat pipe, that is contacted with GPU.

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                      I installed AMD overdrive and the weird thing is that the hd 8650g is showing much lower temps than what gpu-z is giving...

                      I get confused now..i should think that amd overdrive is more trusted since it is from amd and using a amd product and that the 3rd party app's like gpu-z not give the correct temps?

                      This laptop is 3 year old and i get headdeck of it tbh with all the problems it have.

                      Looks like i'am out of options and may have to give up on the laptop.


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                          Yes. It may be wrong sensor reading. "Finger test" is most trusted but be very careful.

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                              Thanks for the reply's and help so far


                              Some update's on this topic:

                              I forgot to note.. that i have a dead laptop battery and that make's a huge difference how the laptop preform.

                              What i did today was what i found on youtube a video about windows built in battery calibration in device manager by deleting ''under batteries tab'' ''microsoft ACPI-Compliant control method battery'' by pressing uninstall than shut down the laptop and start it back up with the dead battery inside and the charger connected, anyway that made the battery work and charge again.

                              Ok anyway that did not work long and my problems come back again with this laptop.

                              What i did was go into catalyst control panel (driver 15.7.1) and i re-enabled in the ''power play tab'' Vari-Bright'' and under the tab ''Switchable Graphics Global Settings'' i checked ''Allow additional power-savings'' that last option makes the power button white again for this model laptop.


                              Than i got blue screen with the message ''device driver struck...''

                              Laptop restarted and i turned those settings off and shut down the laptop the proper way, and take the battery out and plugged in the ac power adapter started up laptop and no more blue screens and running with the same problems as i posted in thsi topic before with the temperature of the hd8650g witch has not changed.


                              Could it be that a dead battery cause the laptop and all the hardware to function not as it should ? makes me think.


                              I know i can post these questions at the msi forums but there are not much people active when it comes to this laptop model.


                              Thanks for your time.