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Gigabyte Radeon™ RX460 WINDFORCE OC 4G  problem with new 16.12.1 driver package

Question asked by zwekan on Dec 9, 2016

With new 16.12.1 driver package my card Gigabyte Radeon rx 460 windforce oc 4g after 2- 3 minuts playing games( Heroes and generals, Skiryim V) crashed (Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered).

Testin on w7 service pack1 and windows 10 (last update 09.12.016).Tdr delay in registry, replacing atikmdag.sys , nothing help.Last driver 16.11.5 hotfix work nice.

Driver 16.12,1 instal on clean new windows with all update. ( no need to use new DDU).In wattman core clock is 1214, but card is 1212.Unable to set 1212.Maybe this crashed games.After this use new DDU and install 16.11.5 and everthing work fine.


Wiating for new update ?


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