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    2560x1080 21:9 not working on AMD windows 10!!!



      I need urgent help! I have been trying to get 2560x1080 resolution on my new UltraWide LG 25UM58 monitor but nothing works. I have a Radeon R7 Graphics Card and I have connected the monitor and PC through a DVI To HDMI cable since the monitor only accepts HDMI. Am I doing something wrong? I have tried upgrading drivers, setting custom resolutions and nothing works!!! Please I need urgent help! Is my cable not good enough? Is my graphics card to old? Im on windows 10, please help.


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          I have an ultrawide LG monitor too. It works fine with DP and hdmi with R9 Fury card.


          Which card do you have specifically that it does not have hdmi?

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            Hey proandrewhd,


            Considering you haven't listed your complete specifications yet, it's difficult to troubleshoot your situation properly. Yet, considering I may be able to expedite a solution for you pending my assumptions are correct, I'll go ahead and deduce a likely scenario based on the information you've provided thus far with a means to correct the issue. If I'm incorrect forgive me, but I figure if I'm in fact correct, you may then have the answer you're searching for without awaiting much longer.


            With that being said.......


            Based on the fact that you stated you're using an R7, I'm going to assume you are experiencing this on a mobile pc while using an external connection a "secondary" 21:9 monitor. If this is the case, you've likely duplicated your primary 16:9 (laptop) monitor and your secondary (21:9) screen without realizing it, thus your display isn't properly being displayed in your desired 21:9 aspect ratio. To remedy this, go into your Windows control panel, select display, at the top left select "change display settings", then switch your primary (#1: Laptop screen) and secondary (#2: 21:9 Monitor) monitors.


            Once you've switched their primary positions, the 21:9 aspect ratio should then display properly. If by chance this doesn't activate properly, ensure you de-select "duplicate these displays", then go into your advanced display settings and select your proper 2560x1080 resolution, save and that should be the last step to activate the proper resolution/aspect ratio for your 21:9 monitor. Then once complete, you can then re-select "duplicate these displays" if needed.


            Just a theory, but I figured it was worth a shot while we await your complete specifications. I'll make sure to check back here to await your reply in the case that my assumption of the situation is incorrect.


            Have a nice day.

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              i had the same problem when i bought it new.

              i have exactly the same monitor.

              by me worked after 1day .

              my friend told me if u have a different resolution u must just w8, the must pc see it by self.

              but i did---> reinstal the drivers.

                                  if that didnt work just put into another input.( first i had miniDP to hdmi then hdmi to hdmi)

                                  and just w8(i played 1 day with the standard resolution but then after 1 day did win10 see the monitor and i could set it on 2560-1080)

              i have the xfx r9 280x

              i dont know how it worked by me but the win10 must get update to see the new hardware i think.