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After every bootup Crimson 16.11.4 says: "Default Radeon WattMan settings have been restored due to unexpected system failure"

Question asked by coffeeman89 on Nov 25, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2016 by redfury

Hello AMD community!


I'm tired and fed up about this annoying problem.

Like the title says, every time i start my PC i get this beloved message from the Crimson driver. I really don't know why or what casues it. I've been searching around the web to find some answeres but nothing really helped.


Annoying is one thing, i could just ignored it, but i have custom clocks and voltage settings in Wattman. So every time wattman restores to default, i have to reconfigure.


I got a XFX RX 480 GTR and that card gets loud and hot as hell. So i do undervolting and downclocking. I set the GPU clocks speed to the reference clock (1265 Mhz instead of 1288Mhz). It doesn't make huge loss in fps anyway.

The GPU runs without any artifacts in every game and benchmark with 1265 Mhz and 1,060 Volts. Plus, it's much cooler and quieter.


Interestingly, i don't get this issue when i had Crimson 16.10.2 installed. It only resets Wattman very rarely. With the latest driver it resets after every boot up.

By the way, before i install a new driver, i run DDU.


My system:


Win 10 Home x64 with anny. update

i5 6600

Asus B150 Pro Gaming

2x 4GB HyperX DDR4-2133 RAM


Samsung 850 Evo 250GB

Crucial M500 240GB

be quiet! Straight Power E10 500 Watts modular


Does someone has an idea what i could try?

Thanks in advance.