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2nd display (Philips TV) not recognized - device not migrated

Question asked by guybrush on Nov 21, 2016

Hello there,



I have this issue since April 2016 when I upgraded my system from Windows 7 Prof. to Windows 10 Prof. (x64)


There are two connected displays to my PC. My primary display is a Samsung SyncMaster B2230 TFT-Monitor via DVI, the second is my Philips TV via HDMI

While I was using Win7, the OS recognized the TV without problem (Plug&Play) but Win 10 doesn't. It recieves some kind of information about the device but I cannot configure it or do anything. Later I found in the device manager that it says in the event log of the Philips "device not migrated".
I reported this right away to the US Support of Microsoft and did not receive any help at all. Then I tried the german support of Microsoft and it was even worse.


I've been scanning my System with SFC & DISM, /Checkhealth, /Scanhealth, /restorehealth, tried various combinations of uninstalling/reinstalling the TV display device, changed the HDMI cable for a Display port to HDMI cable, got an active DP to HDMI adapter. Nothing.
I formated my SSD and did a clean install of Windows 10, let it install the display driver of it's own choice (heavily outdated 15.11 from Nov.2015), checked my chipset drivers and it still said "device not migrated".


-> I just had a look again into the device manager. now it just says in the event log: device configured(monitor.inf) and device started (monitor) - nothing more. the "device not migrated" has fully disappeared?!?


The system knows the TV is there, the information are also being received and displayed in the Crimson software, but when I open the Windows Display settings, tell it to scan for Displays, it shows me only the Samsung.



If you want to read through my conversation on the microsoft support forums, here is the link:

I had some query on how to set my TV as primary display on Windows 10 - Microsoft Community

!!! Attention !!! The beginning is kind of confusing and misleading. At that early point I did not know what the problem really was and still searching for it. Also a Moderator changed my threads name into the stupid line "i-had-some-query-on-how-to-set-my-tv-as-primary". That's just a circumstantial problem, not the root of it.



I do believe that this is a Windows 10 problem and that my Radeon HD 7870 is working fine - but none of the support staff from Microsoft was able or willing to help, so I want to try my luck here.

Maybe someone had a similar case and can give me some advice. This "device not migrated" error is pretty renown for plenty of devices, not only displays.

Thanks in advance,




System information:


Sapphire Radeon HD 7870, 2Gb

Desktop, Asrock Z87Pro3 Haswell, Intel Xeon E3-1230 v3 (@4 x 3,7GHz), 16Gb @1067MHz DDR3,

Windows 10 Prof, 64 bit

Radeon Crimson 16.11.4


Samsung SyncMaster B2230W(TFT) via DVI @ 1680x1050p, 60Hz

Philips TV (Plug&Play) via HDMI @ 1360x768p, don't remember refresh rate