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Two Different GPUs / Hardware Performance Issue with Chrome

Question asked by gamelounge78 on Nov 13, 2016

I have a R9 Fury 4GB HBM and a R7 370 2GB GDDR5 for gaming.  My primary monitor is set on the R9 Fury while I have the second GPU attached to the Hauppage PVR 60 HDMI input.  I also have a Fatal1ty X79 Professional motherboard by Asrock.  Both GPU's are mirrored so that I can capture my games over Twitch.  I noticed an issue when I started using two different GPU's; after streaming a video and watching the playback over Chrome, there was some stuttering when viewing the video.  I started to think it was the GPU, but then thought of something else....PCIe lanes. 


Test:  In the UEFI BIOS, I changed the PCIe version on the non-gaming GPU (R7 370) to version 1.1 and kept the R9 Fury at 3.0.  After doing so, I streamed another game and the video playback is now smoother with no stuttering in Chrome. 


Has anyone else found this issue?  Could this be a motherboard issue, or Chrome not correctly supporting hardware PCIe 3.0 levels?  Maybe ASROCK will need to know, but they never respond at all.


To note, with both GPU's at the PICe version of 3.0, this graphical stuttering is not affected by Microsoft Edge.