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[FIXED] AMD External Events Utility causing slow boot "Please Wait" message on Windows 7 Since Crimson 16.6.1

Question asked by eidairaman1 on Nov 10, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2017 by nikosd

There has been an issue with the Crimson Drivers for some time causing a slow boot issue with "Please Wait" message during the boot on Windows 7 with drivers starting from Crimson 16.6.1 all the way to Crimson 16.11.3. I know it pertains to the file atiesrxx.exe found in the System32 folder that controls the AMD External Events Utility service- this is causing errors to occur in Event Viewer for Windows 7, thus the slow bootup.



If that file is replaced with an uncompressed version from Crimson 16.4.2 it resolves the "Please Wait" boot speed issue, however it doesn't allow a monitor to resume properly from a power saving state as it leaves the screen with a lit black color, the only way to resume at that point is to press ctrl alt delete. So that tells me that the file in newer drivers wasn't thoroughly tested.


I am asking as to when there might be a fix for this issue or is there anyone at AMD that cares?



UPDATE 12/8/16

My Fix is no Longer Needed, the Driver Team finally Fixed the file atiesrxx.exe for Windows 7 users In Crimson Relive 16.12.1, after 6-7 months of time...


Thank You, Please lets not have this happen again!


Grab the driver 16.12.1 to resolve this issue.