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Problems with the rx460

Question asked by jul14ntk on Nov 4, 2016

Hi I recently bought a RX 460. i made another post of this in Drivers & Software but i found out something new, so it isn't about the Drivers anymore.

In general: My RX 460 isn't working during normal processes for example gaming. The overview in the Radeon settings says it is working, but the fans aren't moving and the usage is at 0%.

Sometimes it jumps to 90% but then immediatly back to 0%. But when I run an Update of the Driver it works normal, the fans are moving and everything is alright. As soon as the update stopped it doesn't do anything at all. So it doesn't matter what update or Driver i take, it always doesn't work when you try to do normal stuff like gaming.

I have Troubleshootings and blackscreens beacause of this so please help.


Here's my Setup:

OS:                   Windows 10 64 bit

CPU:                 Q6600 Quad Core at 2.4GHz

Mainboard:        Gigabyte Ga-P35C-DS3R

Ram:                  2 times: Kingston KHX8500D2/1GN 1024MBytes DDR 2 800MHz

Ram:                  2 times: G.Skill F2-8000CL5-"GBPQ 2048 MBytes DDR 2 800MHz

Power Source :  Corsair VS650; Model: 75-001837; 650 Watts

                   and of course Gigabyte Radeon x460 2GB